Pilipa'a Volleyball
Pilipa’a Girls 2016-17

Pilipa’a 3-3 after two days in Vegas

Las Vegas, NV – The Pilipa’a 17’s struggled with consistency on day two, however finished the day with a...

College Report

2017 Pilipa’a 17-1 – Las Vegas

  • Happy Birthday to Pililpaa 17s Makalei Watson pilipaa2017 pilipaa17LV
  • 1st group of Pilipaa 17s at the prepvolleyball Unsigned Showcasehellip
  • It was a long day of travel but were inhellip
  • Game Day! pilipaa2017 pilipaa17LV
  • Premium Outlets with the Pilipaa 17s pilipaa17LV pilipaa2017 shoppinggamestrong momsendmoremoney
  • The Pilipaa ref crew ready to do work pilipaa2017 pilipaa17LV
  • It was definitely an experience on Fremont Street pilipaa17LV pilipaa2017
  • Pilipaa 17s cruising in Las Vegas pilipaa2017 pilipaa17LV
  • Post tournament stop pilipaa17LV pilipaa2017
2016 Pilipa’a Boys

Pilipa’a 18’s finish 19th

Dallas, Texas – The Pilipa’a Boys 18U team concluded play Saturday morning  at the 2016 USA Volleyball Junior National...

2014-15 Girls 18’s

Pilipa’a 14’s

2016 Pilipa’a Girls – Orlando

  • Pilipaa 16s at the ESPN Wide World Of Sports facilityhellip
  • Postgame Panera Bread is a Pilipaa tradition PilipaaFL aauvbnatls
  • Someone saw the camera aauvolleyball aauvbnatls PilipaaFL
  • Pilipaa 16s Team dinner at Joes Crab Shack PilipaaFL
  • Bibbed up and ready to go at Joes Crab Shackhellip
  • Pilipaa 16s at Universal Studios pilipaafl
  • The long trek home begins pilipaafl
  • Apparently you can never have enough visors One more flighthellip
  • Late post Fun times at Universal Studios with the Pilipaahellip