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Pilipa’a advances to second round

Columbus, OH – The Pilipa’a Boys’ 18’s team began competition today at the USA Volleyball Junior National Championship at the Greater...

Girls 16U Detroit

  • Cedar Point  Sandusky Ohio pilipaa2018 pilipaadetroit
  • Pilipaa in the Motor City pilipaadetroit pilipaa2018 usavolleyball
  • pilipaadetroit pilipaa2018
  • The tradition continues pilipaadetroit pilipaa2018 usavolleyball
  • pilipaadetroit pilipaa2018
  • pilipaa2018 pilipaadetroit
  • Its not like home but they do have some nice
  • Team dinner in Detroit or Troy to be exact One
  • pilipaaontheplane Pilipaa 161 has arrived in Detroit and the girls

2018 Pilipa’a 16-1 Las Vegas

  • Pilipaa 16s depart for Las Vegas for the SCVA Las
  • Pilipaa 16s have arrived in Las Vegas pilipaa pilipaa2018 pilipaalv18
  • Team lunch at Panera Bread pilipaatradition pilipaa pilipaa2018 pilipaalv18 scvalasvegasclassic
  • Pilipaa 16s at The Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas
  • More Pilipaa Pics from Las Vegas pilipaa2018 pilipaa pilipaalv18

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