Pilipa'a Volleyball

Atlanta 09 – Day 7 (18’s Final Day)

Pilipa’a started the day 8-3 and faced Coastal VBC for the second time in the tournament.  Ball control and motivation were challenges in the first two games, however Pilipa’a pulled through with a 3 game victory (25-21, 22-25, 15-5).

In Pilipa’a’s final match, they faced FSVBC of Florida for the third time.  The previous two matches against FSVBC were exciting matches that went three games. The final meeting was no different.  Pilipa’a played great in the first set winning 25-17, but FSVBC bounced back to take the second game 20-25.  The 18’s were focused and determined  in their  final game together taking control of the set and winning 15-10.

Although they did not play for Gold on the final day, the Pilipa’a 18’s played for pride and were able  to finish the 2009 with a 10-3 record with a 9-game winning streak. They were one of only 5 teams with 10 or more match victorys in the tournament.

“I’m proud of how our boys pulled together despite not playing for the Gold.  Although we had challenges getting into sync on the first day, they turned it around were able to put together a solid performance through the remainder of the tournament,” said coach Ecko Osorio.

The Pilipa’a 17’s begin play tomorrow afternoon at 4pm (EST).  More updates coming soon.

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