Pilipa'a Volleyball

Coach Kyle’s 18’s recap

Coming back after being down in points was an achievement for the Pilipa‘a girls 18’s. On the first and second days of competition, Pilipa‘a family and friends were treated to three exciting matches in which the team came from behind to win. Raising the level of intensity, focusing on playing hard and aggressive one point at a time and a stubborn defense were the keys to their success. In all the matches, Kieren consistently beat the opponent’s block as she hit and tipped to the heart for points. Cashman provided a solid block and her hits found the right corner of the court to score.  Kayla provided the communication on defense and the passing to run our offense. Shyann switched from right back to playing middle back and did great at passing the ball to Makani. Makani scored consistently with her jump float, worked on releasing (or not) on free balls and delivered the ball more consistently to the right location. Khaila also scored with her float serve and picked up many strong hits down the line. Kamalani passed well and had several key kills in the close games. Toni and Anu were the finishers. They hit over, around and through the opponent’s block for the entire tournament. Overall, the team played their best volleyball to date. In this case, what happened in Vegas should be brought back to the Big Island and continued!

–Coach Kyle

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