Pilipa'a Volleyball

From Papa O.

Papa O. emailed me this message this morning….

Coming in second is just an awesome accomplishment for this physically small but talented young team And, once again expresses my age-long and strong prediction, that some day soon our kids would be able to compete with the best, not only throughout the State of Hawaii, but nationally as well. While competing in the Junior Olympics since 2000 Pilipa’a’s 17’s started the Club’s winning streaks by taking the gold medal in the 2004 Junior Olympics in Austin, Texas, and the 18’s came in second in Atlanta, Georgia last year. Coach Ecko and the rest of the coaching staff have done a remarkable job with the kids over the years, and their understanding of team work and spiritual involvement will take them a long way into their individual futures, not only on the court but in whatever they undertake to do. Other Junior Boys and Girls teams in our Region are just beginning to show how much they have improved in the sport, and there is no doubt in my mind, that we will be hearing from them too. My congratulations goes out to the Onipa’a volleyball organization from the Aloha Region. They too, have come a long ways to attain this goal.

This year too, the Pilipa’a Volleyball Club has taken on a new meaning to the sport by providing it’s first girls USA Junior Volleyball teams in the 16’s, coached by Ecko and & Ikaika Marzo and the 12’s, coached by Chris Leonard, Dionne Woolsey and Cas AhYo. The 12′ team has just returned from Dallas where they participated in the 12’s and under division in the Girls’s 2008 USA Volleyball Junior Olympics.

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