Pilipa'a Volleyball

Pilipa’a 15’s – Day 3 in Columbus, Ohio

Day 3 in Columbus started off pretty good. The power was still on at our hotel, breakfast was available as scheduled in our hotel and the girls were happy to have warm showers, food, and power to charge their cell phones. They have a tough time understanding how people survived without cell phones.

We headed in to downtown Columbus to the Greater Columbus Convention Center to register the team, take a look at the facility and watch part of a game on court 1. The girls also made a quick visit to the Tournament store to stock up on USA Volleyball Junior National Tournament merchandise.

We headed to the northern part of the city to our practice facility at the Buckeye Volleyball Center a about an hour and a half early to see if we could get on the court early and if not, figured we would eat lunch somewhere in the area. Unfortunately the power was still out at the facility although we did get a chance to connect with Team Piko of Honolulu. We left the practice facility and headed down the road to to a restaurant chain called Panera for lunch. After lunch, we headed back to the practice facility and noticed that the power had been restored to the area around the gym and were excited about the prospect of practicing with the lights on. We were a little disappointed to find the power still out and the facility. We were determined to practice anyway and were able to get a good hour or so on the court.

We returned to the hotel after practice with the plan to head out to dinner at about 5:30pm, however we started getting reports that another Severe Thunderstorm Warning had been issued for the county where we are staying. We dropped our plans to head out for dinner, opting for a quick dash to the Subway across the street so we could be back in the hotel before the storm hit.
This storm was similar to the previous one. It was calm outside and within in a few minutes the wind was howling and lightning was flashing. There were reports of baseball sized hail in the county although we didn’t see any here. We had a brief team meeting at 8pm to discuss tomorrow’s plan. As of about 8:40pm, it appears that the storm has passed. There’s no wind or rain at this time and all is quiet and the girls are heading back to their rooms for an early “lights out.”