Pilipa'a Volleyball

Pilipa’a 17’s – Blog post 4

Orlando, FL -Monday June 25- Bree Kaneakua reporting…. We started our morning when you guys in Hawai’i were probably heading to bed! We woke up at 5:15am our time, which is 11:15pm your time (last night). Waking up so early was difficult, but we had a surprisingly strong start in the first game. We came out strong but lost the lead and lost to NKYVC. Then we rested, reffed, and then played a doubleheader. The first game was against Rolling Thunder, and we assume that they must be an elite and well known club in the volleyball world. In the second set, we actually gave them a run for their money and attracted quite the crowd of college recruiters. Well the recruiters were probably for the other team, but that’s ok. We’re sure that it surprised them that this short team from Hawai’i could keep up with those giants! Our last game was against Tribe and was also a loss. It was a tiring day, but we regained our energy with a scrumptious dinner from Olive Garden. Then we toured Downtown Disney and explored the many attractions there. The day was a long one, but we’ll be sleeping in tomorrow since we play in the afternoon. Until then 🙂


Pilipa’a will continue play tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm EST.

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