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Pilipa’a 17’s – Day 2 in Florida

Pilipa'a 17's after practice at the Orlando Sports Complex - Home of the Orlando Volleyball Academy

Pilipa’a 17’s after practice at the Orlando Sports Complex – Home of the Orlando Volleyball Academy

Orlando, Florida –   Day 2 in Florida was devoted to getting ready for our first day of competition in the 41st Annual AAU National Championship Tournament.

It was an early morning start for the coach and chaperones for shopping and food prep. The girls were able to sleep in until about 9:30am.  We had a late breakfast and hung out at the Pilipa’a House in Davenport, Florida which is about 20-30 minutes from the game site.  The girls took advantage of the game room and held a number of great air hockey, ping pong and pool matches to pass the time and have fun with their teammates.

We headed to the Orlando Convention Center (OCC) to check in for the tournament and to check out the massive facility.  The tournament is hosting a (Guiness) World Record 2100+ teams this week in two facilities.  We will be playing at the OCC tomorrow on court number 119 0f  175 total courts, 157 of which are located in the OCC.  The girls were impressed by incredible size of the venue and the total number of courts. The largest gyms that we have on the Big Island feature 3 courts, so you can imagine how impressive 157 in the same room look.  We walked through the facility and watched a few points of a bunch of different games before leaving for our only practice session prior to the tournament.  Our practice was hosted at an incredible private facility called the Orlando Sports Complex which is the home of the Orlando Volleyball Academy.  It’s a big facility that looked to have at least 15 indoor courts in addition to 8 or 9 beautiful sand courts.  The girls looked sharp during their practice session and are excited and ready to begin play tomorrow.  We begin play at 4pm EST (10am Hawaii) and will play 3 matches tomorrow.

Mahalo to all of our Pilipa’a family, friends and supporters that have provided our girls with encouragement and support. We’re looking forward to the tournament and will have more updates for you soon.

–Coach Chris

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