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Pilipa’a 17’s – Orlando, Florida Blog post 1

From Pilipa’a 17’s Bree Kaneakua and Acacia Ka’a’a…..

Orlando, FL –  Acacia and Bree were off to an an early start and quickly began playing the ps2 in their room.  They now think they’re major video gamers!  Our breakfast of bacon, eggs, rice, bagels, and amazing strawberries was prepared by our three lovely mothers: Aunty Harvelee, Aunty Elena and Aunty Lea.  We were then forced to go on a boring Costco run before getting ready for practice. On our way to practice, we managed to get lost thanks to President Obama and witnessed cars stuck in swamps, lightning, an alligator under a bridge, and Disney World.  After practice, we went to the convention center for a coaches meeting and we successfully created a one-of-a-kind cheer inspired by Kayla’s desire to “do whatever your heart tells you.”  Finally, we returned home to a delicious chicken dinner, ice cream, and cookies and milk.  We also began our pool tournament.  Congratulations to those advancing to the next round: Acacia, Bree, Rachel, Kayla, Khaila, Aunty Jen, and Aunty Harvelee.

Stay tuned for more updates from your Pilipa’a 17’s girls 🙂

That’s a good look coach….


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