Pilipa'a Volleyball

Pilipa’a Day 2 in Columbus

Our second day in Columbus started as our first day finished… in the dark. The power was out all day throughout much of Central Ohio. The local media is reporting over 600,000 people are without power in the region and that it could take 5-7 days to return power to the region. We made a quick trek to a Waffle House for breakfast before heading downtown to the Columbus Convention Center. We checked with our practice facility to make sure they were up and running with power and were excited to know that they were and we would be able to get in a good practice. Unfortunately the facility lost power shortly before we arrived. We were able to open a roll-up door on the side of the facility and get enough light on the court to get in a short practice. We returned to a dark hotel before heading out to the Easton Mall for dinner and movie with the team. We returned to our hotel and were happy to see that the power had come back on ahead of schedule. The girls are down for the night and ready for a “regular” day tomorrow which includes a team breakfast in the morning followed by a trip to the convention center to register for the tournament and back north to the Buckeye Volleyball Center for practice. We’re hoping that they have power at the facility and that we can get a good practice in before our first day of tournament play on Monday.