Pilipa'a Volleyball

Pilipa’a Girls 16’s – Dallas Day 2

Dallas, Texas – Day 2 in Dallas is coming to a close for our Pilipa’a Girls. It’s been a good day of settling in to our daily routine. We had our first of two practices at the Sportsplex at Valley View. We also took a trip in to downtown Dallas to visit the Convention Center to check in for the tournament and to see the facility where we will be playing starting on Tuesday. This is a return visit to Dallas for a few of our girls who played in Nationals in the same facility in the 12’s Division in 2008. However, it’s a much bigger tournament this time around, with more divisions, more teams and a lot more courts (nearly 100). We also took the girls to support fellow Hilo team Pi’opi’o Bears – Ke’oke’o 14’s in one of their matches in the 14’s division.

Tomorrow’s plan includes an early morning practice followed by a trip to SMU for a campus visit and bit of shopping in the early afternoon. We’ll have more updates here throughout the tournament. Your comments and feedback will be shared with the girls.